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Editorial Team

Dim Nikov, Editor

Why You Can Count on Us

Our mission is to be the best source of news, how-to’s, opinion pieces, as well as product roundups and reviews for cyclists on the Internet.

We can only accomplish this mission if we earn and keep the trust of our readers. That’s why we fact-check our posts, research our roundups, and test products as much as our time and money allow.

It’s also why you can count on us for an honest and informed take on all things cycling.

How We Make Money

We make money by selling ad space to brands and retailers that want to advertise their products and services to our readers.

When we refer to products and services in our posts, we may receive a commission from the brand or retailer when a reader purchases a product or signs up for a service.

These commissions are not at your expense, nor are they our main source of income (selling ad space is). Also, we don’t work with every brand or retailer whose products or services we link to in our posts.

When a reader returns a product because they found it inferior, we not only lose their trust, but in many cases we also lose the commission. Our editorial standards and relationships with our readers are much more important to us than that.