The 9 Best Bicycle Locks

Want your bike to still be there when you return? We’ve rounded up the right locks for every neighbourhood.

How to Fix a Rusty Bike Lock

Rusted bike lock? Discover a few methods that you can use to get that bike lock open again. It only takes a few minutes!

How to Make a DIY Bicycle Lock

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Are All Bike Lock Keys the Same?

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Do Steel Bike Frames Rust?

The answer in a nutshell? They do. The only questions are how to recognize it before it becomes a problem—and what to do about it when it does.

Do Aluminum Bike Frames Crack?

All metal bicycle frames crack. The question is how easily and quickly does this happen—and what to do when it happens to yours.

Where Do Bicycle Frames Crack?

Bike frames inevitably fatigue and crack. And it usually happens in one of these four spots. So here’s how to inspect them.

Can You Lock Your Bike to a Tree?

If you can’t lock the bike to a rack, can you at least tree it? Why locking your bike to a tree isn’t a good idea—and what to do instead.